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Galantix Map.png

Hurtworld's current official map is Diemensland. Several other maps are in development for later versions of the game.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Locations, known as radtowns are found around the map which contain Loot Crates. These crates contain random items, some that cannot be found anywhere else, such as car parts and Detonator Caps. Some of these locations, such as the Valley and the Fortress are commonly visited, and dangerous for PvP.

Biomes[edit | edit source]

The map is divided by biomes, which each have their own resources, creatures, and climate.

  • The Plains, where players spawn. This is a beginners area with plenty of starting resources, a safe climate, and no dangerous animals.
  • The Forest, more difficult environment than the Plains. A very common area for players.
  • The Dunes, a desert with high rolling dunes and limited resources. Hot during the day and cold at night. Players don't often come here.
  • The Redrock, a red desert even hotter than the dunes. Poisonous rocks containing Mondinium Ore are common here.
  • The Highlands, a snowy land with radioactive Ultranium Ore. Home to Yetis.
  • The Farlands, a radioactive biome. Desolate, no resources or signs of life to be found here.
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