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Hosting A Server

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You can host a dedicated server for Hurtworld or rent one from a game server provider that can host one for you. You can run the server normally, or in headless mode (without graphics).

Installation[edit | edit source]

To configure a Hurtworld Server, you must download steamcmd.exe. Once you have SteamCMD on your computer, we recommend setting up a batch file to update HurtWorld. To do this, type the following:

steamcmd.exe +force_install_dir C:\servers\hurtworld +login anonymous +app_update 405100 validate +quit

You need to run this command from where you have steamcmd.exe located. This will download all the install files to c:\servers\hurtworld. You can change this directory to wherever you like.

Running[edit | edit source]

To run the server, type the following: Hurtworld.exe -batchmode -nographics -exec "host 12871;queryport 12881;servername My New Server;addadmin <My Steam ID>" -logfile "gamelog.txt"

  • Hurtworld.exe is run from the c:\servers\hurtworld folder
  • -nographics runs the server headless, so uses less resources
  • -exec executes a bunch of commands. In this instance, it sets the host port, query port, server name and adds an admin
  • The admin is a 64bit steamid. You can find yours here.
  • The last part -logfile points to where you want the game to log to

Promoting And Tracking[edit | edit source]

If you are looking to promote your server and/or track it, you can submit it on this service : http://hurtworld-servers.net/

Umod: https://umod.org/